The Team

Edson Engineers was established in 2004 to provide and unite the resources of four major engineering disciplines in any building: electrical, communication, mechanical and energy. This was in order to provide integrated building and Power engineering services solutions to a variety of clientele. The firm's foundation is based on the varied experience, vision and competence of its personnel and the firm's commitment of providing the highest standards of engineering solutions to the needs of the clients.

Eng. Edwin Owino Oduor

Position: Chief Mechanical Engineer

Bsc. Mechanical Engineering

R.Engineer (ERB) (IEK)

Eng. Edwin Oduor has 38 years experience in design and supervision of various mechanical installations in buildings and other structures. He has been involved in feasibility studies, preparation of drawings, specifications preparation, mechanical bills of quantities, site supervision, and commissioning of mechanical installations. He has achieved a wide experience working as Chief Engineer, Mumias Sugar Co., Engineering Manager at Unga Ltd, Engineering Manager Unga Group, and in various consultancy firms since graduating from the University of Nairobi, in 1977. Some of the major projects Eng. Oduor has been involved in can be found here.

He is tasked with various tasks including the following:

·         Overseeing all management matters.

·         Carrying out survey and feasibility study

·         Mechanical  Engineering Design

·         Checking and initialling design drawings.

·         Checking and approving of Bills of Quantities

·         Analyzing the tenders and recommending awards

·         Supervision

·         Checking and approving of payment certificates.

·         Site meetings

Eng. Jasper Omondi Oduor

Position: Chief Electrical Engineer

Bsc. Electrical Engineering

R.Engineer (ERB) (IEK) (Institute of directors)

Eng. Jasper Oduor has 37 years experience in design, setting and testing all the protection and electrical equipment before switching and setting to work the electrical equipment in power substations and switchyard. Eng. Jasper is highly experienced in power issues with Regional dimensions having been the longest serving Executive Secretary (CEO) of the Eastern Africa Power Pool. He was also a signatory to the first Inter-utility MOU for the EAPP. He is also experienced on Power Generation and Transmission issues having been a Chief Power Protection and Control Engineer at the Kenya Power & Lighting Company.

 He is tasked with the following roles

·         Electrical Engineering Design

·         Survey and feasibility study

·         Electrical  Engineering Design

·         Checking and initialling design drawings

·         Checking and approving of Bills of Quantities

·         Analyzing the tenders and recommending awards

·         Site meetings