Quality Assurance

 EDSON ENGINEERS appreciates the importance of Quality Assurance during the Engineering and design phase of a project.  EDSON ENGINEERS exercises control over engineering calculations, drawings and project documents by a system of checks, approvals and document tracking. This is further enhanced by a Quality Assurance program that checks on the conformance with standard operational procedures and project specifications which has been set up by the firm.  The result is that any errors/mistakes are corrected while keeping constant the basic need to ensure that no errors are carried forward.


Quality Assurance Plans are coordinated, systematic plans supported by defined requirements, procedures and controls that ensure the completed project meets all regulatory, statutory, codes, specifications and recommended practices. We therefore purpose meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.


These EDSON Engineers policies and procedures control all activities from initial tender to completion of project and hand over. The Quality Assurance Plan was developed to inform all Design and Supervision Team members of the required Project Quality.

Amendments and Revisions to the Quality Manual

1.    Revision Control

This manual will be revised by Quality Assurance Team as and when required. Whenever revisions occur, all holders of controlled copies will be advised of the applicable revised pages, including a new revision page describing the changes.

2.    Reviews

Reviews of operations are continuous and any problems noticed in the Quality Program or its implementation will be addressed and corrected as directed by Management.


Quality Manager   

The Quality Manager ensures enforcement of the Quality Assurance document. The responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Manager are as follows: Update and distribution control of the Quality Manual as required, planning to meet client's quality requirements, determining inspection points within the system, approval of quality work instructions, approval of Contractors and Engineers, maintaining a listing of approved Contractors and Engineers, monitoring procedures to assure compliance, reviewing and maintaining Quality Records and Corrective action coordination



The Quality Program is documented within this manual and may be supported at any point by desk or work instructions that may be selected to increase control of a quality function. Desk or work instructions affecting Quality shall be approved by the Quality Manager.


The Quality Program is planned to control projects from the initial tender stage to the project’s completion and final hand over.

Indoctrination and Training

Employees are indoctrinated and trained, as necessary, to assure that suitable proficiency is achieved and maintained throughout our operation systems. Training is performed as "On the Job Training" under the direct supervision of management. Procedural changes are implemented by training of any individual(s) affected by the change.

Instructions and Drawings

1.    Work Instructions

Work or desk instructions are utilized in support of this Quality Manual to improve the control of a specific operation or evaluation, but in no circumstances shall these documents supersede or change the requirements of this manual.

                                 i.            Preliminary stage

a)     Receive a letter of appointment from the client or the Project Architect.

b)     Feasibility Study:

The activities include: Check site location and layout, Check existing services, Check conditions at site, Check future developments expected at the surrounding area

                               ii.            Preliminary Design:

The activities include: Architectural Input – Study architectural drawings, Civil/structural input in terms of services placing, Mechanical and Electrical Input – Requirement of ducts for services, determining service routes, determining services required based on use, best practice, client requirement, aesthetics, practicability, usability, cost considerations and preliminary cost estimate, Receipt of preliminary drawings from Architect and Civil/Structural Engineers with comments, actions on comments and inserting further details in the Preliminary Design, draughting to include comments and details – CAD Technician and Mechanical and Electrical checks and initial completed preliminary design. The completed designs shall be checked and approve by the senior engineer.

                              iii.            Detailed Design:

The activities include: Using the approved preliminary design – Chief Engineer, Drafting of detailed design – CAD Technician, detailed drawing / Mechanical & electrical, correction by CAD Technician, final check of detailed design drawings by the Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Detailed design to Architect/ Civil & Structural / Quantity Surveyor for comments and to carry of cost estimates based on detailed design.

                            iv.            Bills of Quantities

The completed detailed design shall be the basis of making the specifications and the Bill of Quantities.  The Project Engineer shall prepare the specifications and the quantities and the chief engineer shall approve. The completed bills of quantities shall then be ready for tendering process

                              v.            Tendering Process

The tendering process shall be according to the following procedures: A tender list shall be made and be approved by the client if he so desires, the tender documents shall be sold to the approved tender list, the returned tenders shall be analysed by the engineer in charge.  The Chief Engineer shall recommend to the Client award after negotiations with the best responsive tender and the client shall issue an award letter to the successful bidder.

                            vi.            Project Implementation

Once the tenders have been awarded the successful contractor shall be required to produce within two weeks of award 3 sets of working drawings on an A1 paper for check and approved by the Chief Engineer.  He shall also produce manuals of the items he shall be supplying for approval. The Engineers shall price the estimate tender documents in order to have a more accurate; this to be done before the tenders go out.


Drawings, specifications and/or catalogue criteria shall be used to control the technical requirements of services offered to our clients.


Quality Control Process:

                                 i.            Procedure for Standardized Reporting of Calculations Procedure shall require that the discipline lead engineer review all calculations to verify that they reflect acceptable logic and engineering practice, and specify sign off and approval procedures.

                               ii.            Procedure for Engineering Document review and Approval Procedure shall require that the discipline lead engineer check documents or engineering studies and reports, technical specifications and EDSON ENGINEERS data sheets to verify: Compliance with design requirement, codes and Regulations specified in Section 4.0 of the Quality, Assurance Plan and applicable standards, Engineering suitability and correctness, Mathematical and numeric accuracy, Format and clarity of presentation and Procedure shall also define inter discipline checks and specify sign off and approval procedures.

                              iii.            Procedure for Drawing Checking

Procedure shall define the method for systematically and uniformly checking drawings, causing any identified problems to be corrected prior to drawing issue. Procedure shall also define inter discipline checks and specify sign off and approval procedures. The checking of drawings is the responsibility of Drafting Supervision, the lead engineers and checkers.

                            iv.            Procedure for Document Release and Revision Control Procedure shall define EDSON ENGINEERS control of revisions prior to approval by CONTRACTOR and after approval by CONTRACTOR. Procedure shall also define control of issues of the documents.

                              v.            Procedure for Procurement Inquiry Documents

Procedure shall define general conditions, instructions to bidders and methods for review of documents by engineering and Quality Assurance, prior to issue.

                            vi.            Procedure for Design review and Project Meetings EDSON ENGINEERS, CLIENT and CONTRACTOR Procedure shall define method and frequency of Design Reviews and Project Meetings between, EDSON ENGINEERS, CLIENT and CONTRACTOR.

                           vii.            Procedure for EDSON ENGINEERS Internal Design Review: Procedure shall define EDSON ENGINEERS Internal Design Review conducted during engineering to develop EDSON ENGINEERS design to Verify Quality, isolate and correct deviations from client requirements specifications and ascertain the accuracy of design.

Participation in Design Reviews:

EDSON ENGINEERS Quality Assurance Coordinator shall monitor the minutes of the Project meetings. He will be provided with meeting agendas prior to the meetings to determine the need for his attendance at the meetings.

EDSON ENGINEERS will conduct a formal in-house Design Review prior to issuance of Construction Drawings and documents. The EDSON ENGINEERS Quality assurance Coordinator shall participate in the Project Design Reviews to ensure reviews are held as planned. Quality Assurance Coordinator will note levels of checks, areas of concern and anomalies affecting quality and shall report these to the EDSON ENGINEERS Project Manager.

Interface compliance checks

The control interfaces of the EDSON ENGINEERS PROJECT NAME Scope of Work with the other project elements will be performed by CONTRACTOR. EDSON ENGINEERS will provide and obtain design data and drawings for portions of the work that is outside of the EDSON ENGINEERS scope of work as applicable to the design interface areas. EDSON ENGINEERS will provide required design data and/or drawings for approval and concurrence by others involved in design at the interface.

EDSON ENGINEERS will receive design data and/or drawings for approval and concurrence of the design by others at the interface.



It is the responsibility of the Project manager and the Lead Project Engineers to ensure technical accuracy, consistency, and quality of the work performed by the design department.

Edson engineers, contractor and subcontractor

Design Reviews shall be a part of the Scheduled Weekly Project meetings between, EDSON ENGINEERS, CLIENT and CONTRACTOR. Further detailed in Procedure for Design Reviews and Project meetings, EDSON ENGINEERS, CLIENT and CONTRACTOR.

Edson engineers in-house design review

A formal Design Review will be conducted during engineering development of the project by an impartial review team of experienced engineering personnel selected from Edson Engineers Senior Engineering Staff. Results of the design review will be documented and reviewed by the Edson Engineers Project Design Team, Engineers Management and, where applicable, used to upgrade the engineering deliverables prior to release to client or for construction.

Edson Engineers Procedure for Internal Design Review defines the Review Process.

Design Review Team

The Design Review will be performed by two (2) impartial engineers selected from Edson Engineers staff, with necessary assistance from the Project manager and the Project Lead Engineers. The Edson Engineers Corporate Sponsor will review and approve the findings and perform any corrective measures.

Sign-off of documents

EDSON ENGINEERS shall acknowledge checks and approvals of Project Documents by signing the originals upon completion of the check or approval.


Scheduled Audits

Audits shall be scheduled to take place during the course of the design phase of the project. Audits will be in relation to the project schedule for the deliverables.

Procedure for Quality Control Audits

The Edson Engineers Quality Assurance Coordinator establishes a schedule for audits. Edson Engineers Quality Assurance Coordinator designates the Quality Assurance System element or Project Procedure to be audited based upon:

a) Scheduled frequency of the Quality Plan.

b) An indication that a system is not functioning according to established procedures.

c) Specific EDSON ENGINEERS Project Corporate Sponsor or Project Manager Direction.

Edson Engineers Quality Assurance Coordinator reviews the corresponding Quality Assurance Requirement or Project Procedure for the element to be audited.

Edson Engineers Quality Assurance Coordinator audits against the requirements of Quality Assurance Requirement or Project Procedures. This audit consists of the following as applicable:

a)     A review of the requirements of all pertinent procedures, forms or specifications to determine adequacy.

b)     A review of all operations associated with the procedure to determine adherence to written procedures.

c)     The QA Procedure, QA Function or Project Procedure audited

d)     The individuals contacted during the audit

e)     The results of the audit as determined through interviews with persons involved in the performance of the work.

Audit reviews findings with the EDSON ENGINEERS person having lead responsibility over the area audited and obtains any necessary actions commitments.

Audit findings, with appropriate corrective action commitments, are published. The distribution list shall include the following:

a)     The Project Corporate Sponsor

b)     EDSON ENGINEERS Project Manager

c)     Quality Assurance Document File

The Quality Assurance Coordinator shall monitor progress and ensure that the corrective action is completed in accordance with the corrective action commitments. The auditor shall be notified of the completion and shall conduct a follow-up audit to determine the effectiveness of the corrective action and prepares a report of the results.

Results of all audits and corrective action documents will be reviewed with the EDSON ENGINEERS Corporate Sponsor, Project Manager, and shall be made part of the permanent Quality Assurance Document File.


Checks and approval registers

Quality Assurance Coordinator shall maintain registers of checks, EDSON ENGINEERS and client approvals. The registers shall indicate the date of the check and approvals of the following items: Calculations, Studies, Reports, Specifications, EDSON ENGINEERS Data Sheets, Drawings, Inquiry Packages and Interface Documents

Quality Assurance file

File Index will include the following: Correspondence, Meeting Notes, Memorandums, Telephone Conversations, Audit Reports, Non-Conformance, Corrective Action, Schedules, Specifications, Inquiry Packages (sections related to quality) and Fabrication Packages (sections related to quality)