Environmental Policy



To provide goals and objectives for the protection of the environment in our field of consultancy services in Mechanical Engineering operations. To profess the commitment of top management to those goals and objectives.


Edson Engineers is an Engineering Consultancy Firm committed to the protection of natural resources through the implementation of proactive environmental friendly designs. We are also committed to the preservation of the environment and compliance with all relevant environmental laws and regulations.

This policy is integrated into aspects of Edson Engineers consultancy operations

Edson Engineers affirms the commitment necessary to accomplish the goals and objectives of this policy to mitigate potential adverse environmental effects from its operations and designs. This will be done by encompassing the green technology.


      Mechanical Services

Ø  Using natural ventilation as much as is practicable.  This we do by including permanent vents and allowing effective cross air flow.

Ø  Using wind operated extract fans.

Ø  Using solar pumping from boreholes.

Ø  Where absolutely necessary to use air conditioning , we use energy saving designs of compressor and evaporator units with environment friendly none ozone depleting refrigerators such as R410

Ø  Using solar hot water heating directly or as pre-heating directly or as pre-heating to an Institutional steam and water boilers.

Ø  Use of rain water harvesting.

Ø  Separation of foul and grey water and treating all waste water for recirculation and for used in irrigation.

Ø  Treating toilet waste to be used in organic farming.

Ø  Using solar heating for the houses through choice of construction material for heat retention

Ø  Control of noise pollution from fans choosing correct fan blades and fans of low speed and low noise and using silences as appropriate.

Ø  Using solar operated fans.

Ø  Where stand by diesel engines are used for power generation we insist on choice of low noise and clean flue discharge and installing scrubbers and silencers for clean air and low noise.

Ø  Reduction of waste by limiting the number of drawings in hard copy.

Ø  Recycling paper as much as possible and printing on both sides of paper.

Ø  Using PPR or other self insulating pipe work for hot water and suitable insulated and cladded pipes for steam.

Ø  Using oil and grease traps from the kitchens and fuel stations and re-using for irrigation the cleaner resultant water.

Electrical Services

Ø  Use of natural light as much as practicable.

Ø  Use energy saving fittings such as LED

Ø  Reducing use of power for water heating by using solar pre-heating.

Ø  Controlling of electricity wastage by using power factor corrections and appropriate.

Ø  Using environment friendly tubing’s and cables and where possible bio-degradable materials.

Ø  Use of wind power as possible.

Each employee has an affirmative obligation to comply with the environmental policies, procedures, rules and regulations implemented at Edson Engineers. The policies include management practices for the protection of air, land and water and implicitly incorporate all local and state laws, rules and regulations.

Top management review this policy periodically to ensure consistency with established goals and objectives.